Ride in Style on the Limousine!

Cyborg Highway now features a Limousine! It's the first vehicle that's wide enough to contain multiple "jump points". This meant adding the ability to have horizontal jumps, which took rather more effort than I'd anticipated. It just broke a lot of assumptions, mostly in the combat, so I had to fix a variety of minor glitches - like enemies you'd just kicked landing on you (and sending you flying, lol).

Also took care of several other minor issues:

  • Corrected the way units kicked to the pavement move.
  • Corrected the way units kicked mid-jump calculate their destination.
  • Adjusted the calculation for where projectiles "kick" units to.
  • Updated Lane speeds to vary less.
  • Updated enemy AI to have a higher chance of jumping on your position when driving by in the adjacent lane.
  • Added a minimum time for "swipes" to be active, so quick touch-swipes are less likely to miss the jump.

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