Zip along the highway on the roofs of passing cars! Jump from car to car! Kick your enemies to the pavement!

Up/Down arrow or W/S to jump, space for melee hammer, click to fire shotgun

Xbox controller: Left stick/D-pad move, right stick aim, left trigger melee, right trigger ranged, A to start/continue

Press "M" from the opening dialog to map your specific controller

Touch: Swipe to jump, tap to shoot, tap "Hammer" buttons to activate melee attack.

This is the latest Work-in-Progress version of Cyborg Highway. Feedback is always appreciated! The original mini/jam prototype is here:

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Sound credits:

Harmful or Fatal Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Street Sound by Daniel Simion

Bir Poop Splay, Ta Da, Small Fireball by Mike Koenig

Cha Ching Register Sound by Muska666

Swoosh 1 by man on

shotgun-old school by RA The Sun God

Assorted clips from

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The Fog-Of-War change was definitely for the better. 


Very fun little game, but there is definitely room for improvement .

  •  I think it would be helpful to slow the cars down a bit sense it is  difficult to focus with so many quickly moving objects. 
  • Speaking of the cars, I think they need to be a bit darker to make the enemies pop out more. 
  • The trucks blocking your view is distracting because it moves so quickly and doesn't really hinder you 
  • The GUI is pretty iffy. I think it needs to be bigger and their needs to be more telling the player what each bar represents

Hi, thanks for trying it out and giving feedback! Always appreciated. :) Which particular GUI elements do you think need to be bigger? What sort of screen were you playing on (PC/phone/tablet)?


The three bars that show the shotgun ammo would make more sense if they were in the shape of something like a bullet and were enlarged

Ahhh yeah I could definitely make that bigger. It's not really bullets, though. I think I'm running into the limitations of dumping people into gameplay without any tutorial or instructions. It's "capacitance" energy that powers all special abilities (currently just the hammer and shotgun). And the bar is kinda the worst place to look at it, it's also displayed on the character and on the mouse pointer. But nothing in-game tells you any of that... I think perhaps it'll be clearer when players start without any special abilities and buy them over the course of missions, getting a little video of how it works before each purchase.

Thanks again. :)

BTW, a lot of people complained about being distracted by the view-blocking effect, so I've made it a mask/dimming effect. Seems to be better for most people.


Hey, I gave the game a shot, saw it Kickstarter a week ago or so, and glad to see it got updated! I love this game concept! My current highest score is $10000

Here's some stuff to mention

  • Can you make it so the shotgun knocks the enemy back towards the cursor. You could aim the gun away from oncoming cars then, and make it more of a viable combat choice.
  • Love the turn signals
  • How about getting trucks? Longer cars, like limos or something.
  • This would be a lot of work, I'd imagine, but... lane merging occasionally? I don't know how much it would change gameplay, and not sure if it's something you're going for, but it would be interesting.

I couldn't actually find any bugs or issues aside from the instability, but that's from HTML5, so I can't put it against your game. Maybe offer a downloadable file too though for those who want to play the game smoothly.

Pretty excited to see where this game goes. It's definitely one of a kind as far as I know!

Hi, thanks for trying it out and leaving feedback! Always appreciated. I'll bet you could get your score up with a little practice. ;)

What sort of instability did you experience? What browser are you using? I'm trying to keep it running well in WebGL/HTML5, but it can be a struggle sometimes. Chrome and Firefox seem to run it better than Edge. So many people prefer to be able to just jump in from their browser that I hadn't given much thought to including downloadables. I'll get a set in later this week.

  • I'll be adjusting the knockback (right now it's the same as a kick, which leads to weird angles). There will also be other weapons, including a magnet harpoon for pulling enemies towards you!
  • There's a whole set of vehicles planned! Different cars, big trucks, little trucks, garbage trucks, taco trucks, wood chipper trailers inexplicably left running... Hoping to get at least a few in next week!
  • Lane merging/splitting, off-ramps, on-ramps, and passing trains are all in the plans.

Thanks again!


Oh that's awesome you've already thought about lane merging and all that other stuff. I'm using Chrome, but I may have been running it with heavier programs in the background, so they probably had an impact on performance. But the only instability I encountered was a minor slow down every now and then for a few seconds. Nothing game breaking.

Just thinking about this, by any chance were the slowdowns occurring when a unit got eliminated? If so, that's an intended "cinematic" effect.