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Greetings, Captain. We're soliciting test pilots for the prototype Orbital Station Defense Interceptor, or "Orbiceptor" as they're calling it. You've been selected as a candidate and I hope you'll seriously consider the job.

The Orbiceptor is fast, tough, and equipped with top-of-the-line self-repair systems, plus an experimental salvager that can immediately repurpose technology recovered on-site, at least for a short time. Her primary duty is combat patrol, protecting her space station from any incoming threats by intercepting and annihilating the targets.

We've prepared three short test missions. We hope your combined performance will recommend each of you for a full commission.

As a prototype, be prepared for the possibility that some systems are not fully functional. In particular, the customization options traditionally available to a pilot are not yet implemented. Further, I'll be directing your efforts personally, rather than the dulcet tones of our more professional station personnel. I'd especially appreciate a full report of any inadequacies you encounter. We'll need that data to help bring the ship to its maximum combat performance.

Again, I invite you to try out the Orbiceptor, Captain - I really think you'll appreciate its finer qualities. Thank you for your consideration.

Install instructions

Should be able to just unzip and run!

I've had a report that if you're using multi-monitor setup in Linux, you'll want to launch from Monitor #1 or else the screens might appear incorrectly.


Orbiceptor_0.1.6.zip 88 MB
LinuxOrbiceptor_0.1.6.zip 92 MB

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